Today’s youth, are the leader of new age. India is the largest demographic dividend in the world. In 2021, India is the second largest population of the world and on the first position in the list of youth with approx. 356 million youth (between 15 to 24 years age). A major development task in youth is to establish one’s own Identity and shape their future. Everyone try to focus on the goal and putting lots of efforts for making choices to be the best version of themselves. Country’s economic and Socio-economic development depend on the youth because they are dynamic and valuable assets for the country. They have huge reservoir of energy that need to be observed and applied intelligently for the development of country. It is observed that India has the relative advantage at present over the other countries in terms of distribution of youth population. It is necessary to educate, skill and train them in the proper way. But there are many obstacles for youth to shape their future f