Unity In Diversity

Unity in diversity means unity in diversity. In our society, many types of ethnic species and groups of people live together. Various civilizations are seen here, where people use languages ​​and dialects according to their religion and desire. Despite being separated from culture, tradition, religion, and language, people still respect each other. At the same time, with the feelings of brotherhood, they live together in harmony. Humanity and the potentiality of people help to maintain unity in diversity. Human beings give utmost importance to spirituality, karma, and sacraments rather than their wealth which brings them closer. Why unity in diversity is important??? For growth and development - Unity in diversity plays an important role in the development of the country as the country is integrated. He will always prosper and progress on the path of growth and development. It will also face internal issues as compared to the country which is socially unstable and divided on various te

Growing green

  Today's world is surrounded by problems. The biggest problem in these problems is the deteriorating balance between the animal world and the plant world. The exponential growth of the population has disturbed this balance and has created many economic and health-related problems for us. Due to the cutting of forests, human civilization has become a threat. The weather has changed a lot. In some parts of the earth, either there is a drought for many years continuously or there is a severe flood. Forests and water are renewable sources, when they do not exist, the ever-flowing rivers dry up, the level of water in the dam decreases, the generation of electricity stops, and the water in the canals decreases. This results in less production of food grains and creates a crisis for the industries. To face this dreadful situation, along with reducing the population, the plantation campaign also needs to be carried out on a war footing. Trees not only make the earth fertile but also creat


"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads", we all have heard this saying.   It showcases the way our mother earth our nature makes us feel, takes care of us, it's the essence of a person or thing. The trees, forests, birds and animals or we can say our flora fauna are all an example of nature. Everything we needed to survive, and thrive, is provided by the natural world around us. Whether it's, food, water, medicine, materials for shelter, or even natural cycles such as climate and nutrients. Not only nature provides us what we need for a living but also it inspires us to live the life at the fullest! The natural world is an incredible wonder that inspires us all. It underpins our economy, our society, indeed our very existence. It also offers us lessons for basic living like, how to be healthy, how to be calm, and how to find bala


  We all have been in schools and colleges and also we are aware of this fact that every student is not a fast learner. For some students. learning   takes   time   and they need some special ways to learn a particular thing. People usually call them weak students but this shouldn't be this way, as they lose confidence at the very moment you announce such things. It makes them believe that they just don't fit in. They can't be a good student or learner, which is totally wrong. It's simple to understand that they just need some extra treatment   to   learn   things,   they have their own pace, everyone does have! And this can be sorted out if teachers treat them in a more effective way...understanding them, making them feel heard, understood and assuring that they won't be mocked. By preparing strategies to meet their needs and helping the


  Women have played a large role in every field in 21 st century. Before it we all know that how the women had been tortured with some stereotypes by narrow minded people. Truly, stereotypes affected our society broadly in many ways. Being deprived of better food, proper care and medical attention makes a girl physically weak.    Early marriage and child birth leaves to malnutrition child and if the baby is girl child then the cycle continues …… Now such type of stereotype thinking has been changed over a period of time from person to family, family to society, society to country, country to world. Education, Culture and language are the main part of changing the world and Human right movement came in 20 th century and human right is women right. A child learns to speak first from its mother .In similar way it also adopt its education and culture from its mother also. That means a mother is the powerful instrument for her children. In this century, women are the liability for our

Choose to Challenge: Stories of Strength

We all are aware of this one fear we face when we have to do something different., Something tough., Something unexpected. For which we need to go out of our comfort zone. That fear of people laughing on us for our failures, people talking bad about us, not getting any kind of support even from the nearest ones.. yeah! We know that. And at some point we all have had our moments. But this fear, this insecurity never means that we need to stop, that we need to stop trying. There are plenty of times in which we feel like giving up and like it's not for me! But trust me ... It is for us!. We just need to embrace all our Failures and accept them., Work harder on them and come back as the stronger one. We should remember the saying, "you are your own competition." Once you start to know about the real you, your flaws and Start to work on them you'll shine brighter