INTRODUCTION Education is the term which means acquiring knowledge in a meaningful and standard way by which a person can differentiate between right and wrong in a holistic approach. We get education not only through academic centres but also from various situations that we face in our lives. “ A man without education is just like a ship without sail ”- no aim, no path, no vision. A person’s life is totally in vain if he/she is not educated. Even if the person is going to school to get educated he can’t get it until his willingness is not determined. Education is the wealth that nobody can steal. Many situation will definitely come in people’s life where there is no one to support except a powerful weapon that is Education. Summary India became Independent at the stroke of the midnight hour on 14 th Aug 1947. There were many problems in pre-independent India which needed immediate attention. On 26th January 1950, the constitution of Independent India came into force and it b


INTRODUCTION In the 19 th century, Indian women suffered from many inhuman social customs that made their lives miserable. The chief among them was the indifferent attitude of the society towards women. Educating women was highly neglected during the British time when the men were supposed to be more superior to women. No school, universities had been set up for their education .In fact only handful women could read and write. There were many disabilities from which the women had suffered due social evils such as Low status of women, Female Infanticide, Not sending girls to school, The Dowry System, Child marriage, The Sati System, No Right of Hindu women to Inherit Property. At that time girls were being considered as inferior to men. They had to be kept in Purdah System so that they could not live freely. Starting from birth to death women’s lives were dependent; it means in childhood they were depending on father, in young age they had to dependent on their husband and in old


Children have every right to live a happy life. Children are the future of the country. In such a situation, no one has the right to snatch the child's maturity. In our country, millions of children are affected by poverty, malnutrition and the like social evils. Millions of children are employed in dangerous industries. Children are forced to live without the care and safety of the family, whereas this is the future of our country. There is a provision to provide free education to all children till14 years, but this has not been completely possible on the grass root even today there are many areas where children are deprived of education .        visit our site Poverty is seen as a condition in which a person does not even have the basic necessities for living such as fooding, clothing and shelter etc. Children in such situation get deprived of their education and start working with their families’ right from childhood and their development ends. Just like a lamp is needed to ill


Values and ethics seem to be similar to hearing, they also have difficulty in understanding because they have similarities, but if their meaning is understood carefully then the difference can be understood here are there. Let’s try to understand this through a short story - There was a poor farmer whose only son was suffering from a serious illness for which the farmer needed ninety-seven thousand rupees for the treatment and he did not want any negligence with the treatment. So the farmer went to a big hospital and he was told about the cost of the treatment. When he talked to his relatives and companions, everyone advised him to take a second opinion from a different hospital that was cheap and could treat his son. But the farmer did not want to take any risk about his child's life, so he decided that he will sell the land and arrange the money. At the reception, the hospital had placed an employee for counseling and explaining the facilities of the hospital. The employee must


“Health is the essence of life, without it all is useless” A healthy and active lifestyle is the establishment of a good life. A healthy and active lifestyle means following good habits such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and taking time to get enough sleep at night. It is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle to keep various diseases away and live a completely healthy life. Some healthy habits can help you develop a healthy lifestyle over a certain period. To have a healthy and active lifestyle, we should follow some good habits:- ·          Follow a healthy diet plan ·          Get up early ·          Do exercise and Yoga (Work out) ·          Have your meal on time ·          Keep positive thinking: - ·          Sleep on time     visit our site Follow a healthy diet plan: - When we are trying to live a healthy and active life, it becomes very important to have a healthy diet plan. A healthy diet is a truly healthy diet when it contains all the

Keep our Environment Clean – Use Dustbin

 Keep our Environment Clean – Use Dustbin Due to the bloodcurdling development we can see the pollution which polluted our environment. There are many kinds of pollution spread in all over the world. There are some kinds of pollution- Air pollution, Water pollution, and Soil pollution as well. There are many reasons of acceleration of pollution and the garbage is one of them. It is very important for us. We should take some decision and steps regarding our clean environment. According to a study 62 million tones garbage generates in India per year. It is related to our country and according to same study 2.01 billion tones garbage generate in whole world annually. There are five countries which generate most garbage – Canada, Bulgaria, United States, Estonia and Finland. Today’s garbage is the most dangerous issue for human. Along with population growth pollution has also increased. In today’s time, all the natural elements of water, land, and air have been polluted by garbage. The acc

Meaningful Learning for Children

 Meaningful Learning for Children Meaningful learning is process to get knowledge, improve our behavior, skills values we can understand others and improve our attitude. Children start learning from their birth and it continue till end of life. Learning has many aspects: from childhood stage we learn to eat, crawl, walk, eats or do any types of good manner is all we are comes under learning a lot of learning occurs randomly through life from new experience. It teaches students important cognitive skills they will use through their life. It also involves understanding how all the pieces of an entire concept fit together it shows the activeness, constructive, long lasting and fully engaged in the learning process. visit our site   Rote learning Vs Meaningful learning Rote learning:  Rote learning defines to memorization of information or gain knowledge on repeating. This is an idea of quick learning which children do in their exams. There is no benefit of rote learning in school after us